Gourmey foie gras


Gourmey foie gras
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No force-feeding
No slaughter

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Better for you
and for the planet

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GOURMEY is developing a delicious and 100% ethical foie gras without force-feeding or slaughter from duck cells. An uncompromising foie gras, better for you, for animals and for the planet.

foie gras without force feeding


A revolutionary culinary feat at the crossroads of innovation and gastronomy.

Gourmey foie gras

It all starts with an egg.

We select a freshly laid duck egg and carefully extract a few cells.

Gourmey foie gras

Our cultivator, a cell paradise.

We place these cells in our cultivator, where they benefit from its ideal conditions of perfect temperature, basic nutrients and space to grow. The cells multiply naturally and we harvest real duck foie gras.

Gourmey ethical foie gras

Culinary preparation

From here our chefs take over and cook up our foie gras without compromise. A pinch of salt, freshly ground pepper, a drop of Armagnac… ready for the table!


Beyond foie gras, a delicious, ethical and sustainable meat.

foie gras without force feeding

Reinventing the meat we love

Our mission is to bring you delicious meat that is respectful of our health, the environment and the animals.

cruelty-free foie gras

The impact of meat

The industrial production of meat has a detrimental impact on the environment. It produces more greenhouse gas emissions than all the cars and planes in circulation on the planet.

Gourmey cruelty foie gras

The same meat – better

We do not want to give up meat. However we urgently need a method of sustainable production. Producing meat by cultivating natural animal cells means offering the same experience with around 90% less water, land surface and CO2 emissions. No antibiotics and of course no animal suffering. In short, it is the meat of our dreams.

Gourmey foie gras without force feeding

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