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Reimagining meat for an uncompromising and conscious generation

We believe in a world where spectacle and succulence share a table with sustainability and a positive impact. So we’re reimagining meat to spare land and resources, not flavour. Sharing the delightful and decadent experience of meat we all love, while protecting the planet we all need.

The word is out

Sharing the revelation of cultivated poultry

From chicken to duck, poultry is our planet’s most consumed meat. So to have the greatest impact, this is where we’re focusing our first efforts. Creating poultry delights from cell cultivation that are as generous to people as they are to the planet.

Marrying innovation and heritage. Voilà, foie gras.

With our flagship cultivated foie gras, we’re honouring culinary traditions and heritage while looking to the future.


Want a seat at the table?

This is only the beginning. Foie gras and poultry are just the first foods we’re bringing to the table. Our chefs are working on some more inspired and inventive delights. Join our waitlist to be the first to hear about (and try) them.

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